Request for Proposals Experimental Research Kyrgyzstan

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Thursday, August 26, 2021
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Q1: Can a team of individual researchers apply for the project or should it be a registered company? The proposal seems to speak about both, but I am still puzzled about what the legal status of the bidder should be. See for example 6.2. On the other hand, page 20 states "At least 2 reference letters from partners if the proposal is submitted by an organization". This makes me think that individuals may also apply. 

A1: Yes, individuals and companies can apply. If the company applies, then the registration certificate should be submitted as well, and in case applicants are individuals then CVs reference letters and other papers indicated in TOR should be submitted.

Q2: Sampling frame. I assume the diaspora mapping exercise aims to identify Kyrgyz diaspora members, doesn't it? If so, is this exercise successful? It will be integral for the experiment to have an identified sample of Kyrgyz diaspora members to work with. If this group is identified, is the socio-demographic profile of these individuals known? Furthermore, is there an option to reach out to these individuals through e-mail, text messages, physical mail? These questions will be a very essential first step for designing the experiment. 

A2: Yes, the socio-demographic profile of these individuals is known. IOM Kyrgyzstan had undertaken two rounds of mapping of the Kyrgyz diaspora. A report of the 2015 mapping is available. The report of the 2021 mapping is being finalized.  During the scoping study, the respondents were selected through two means: (a) diaspora associations and (b) messages on online platforms on social media. The national partner will help with selecting the participants of the experimental research.    

Q3: Scoping study. I assume the team tries to understand what potential factors would trigger behavior toward climate action. If my understanding is correct, the consultants are running a survey among these 500 members mentioned in your email. Am I correct? Does the team also conduct a qualitative study through in-depth interviews and focus groups. This question is directly linked to the proposal, since I need to understand a) whether to include this stage in the proposal; b) this will also define the profile of the team members I will choose and the emphasis I will put on the qualitative component. Ideally, a qualitative study should have preceded the survey. 

A3: The team is using psychological factors of adaptation to understand motivation among diaspora members to spend on or invest in climate action in the Kyrgyz Republic. These psychological factors (13-14) were identified based on a literature survey. This scoping study has adopted a mixed-methods approach. It includes a survey and key informant interviews. Due to the tight project duration, both these are taking place simultaneously. The scoping study will help the team to identify the important psychological factors of adaptation, which in turn, will be used to design the experiment. As stated earlier, the findings of the experiment will help to design a communication strategy for the diaspora members. The experiment will focus on the Kyrgyz diaspora in the Russian Federation. Since this is a relatively small project (proof of concept), the team is open to the idea of focusing on 2-3 settlements in the Russian Federation where the Kyrgyz diaspora is concentrated. Along with a description of the potential intervention, I would recommend adding information on the research methodology (sample design, sample size, tools, etc.) in the proposal. For now, plan for stratified random sampling. While planning please keep in mind the different roles of the international and national partners during the study. Once the international partner is selected, a vacancy notice for a national partner will be announced. The international partner will be consulted by IOM while developing this ToR.