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Saturday, August 7, 2021
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IOM, ILO and UN Women are implementing a project funded by the UN Peacebuilding Fund within the Gender Promotion Initiative (GPI) pillar of the UN Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) Portfolio: “Empowering women and girls affected by migration for inclusive and peaceful community development”. The joint project proposes a comprehensive approach to promote a community and policy environment favorable to women’s and girls’ empowerment and their active involvement in peacebuilding as well as inclusive community development in six communities affected by migration and prone to conflict in the Kyrgyz Republic, and particularly in Osh, Jalalabad, Batken and Talas provinces.  

The overall goal of the project is to make a tangible contribution to peacebuilding in target provinces of Kyrgyz Republic by promoting the full recognition of the role of women and girl migrants in inclusive community development and peacebuilding.

Given the fact that rapid growth in migration flows among women has been observed for the past 5 years[1], the project aims to work at different levels, including:

a) The community level, by working with community members to change public perception and social norms and build a community environment favorable to women migrants’ engagement in peacebuilding

b) The policy level to introduce gender responsive policies recognizing the role of women migrants and their contributions and

c) With women and girl migrants to empower their participation in community development, decision-making and peacebuilding initiatives at the local level.

The project implementation ended in June 2021 in culmination of a final conference on 26 and 27th June. To ensure the effective visibility and reflect true changes that happened to women and girl migrants in terms of empowering their participation in community development, decision-making and peacebuilding initiatives at the local level as well as to reflect the real cases of change in public perception and social norms and build a community environment favorable to women migrants’ engagement in peacebuilding, the RUNOs have decided to document the stories of selected women who have taking part in the project during the implantation period. In the final conference the selected champions were identified whose stories are to be documented.

For this purpose, UN Women is recruiting a writer to develop 3 women and 1 man profiles (stories) that will tell their journey and capture the lived changed during the project implementation period. Writer is to provide high-quality stories capturing the change on the ground, in the lives of the beneficiaries and to support the final evaluation of the project as well as donor reporting and engagement



  • Fluency in Russian language. Knowledge of  Kyrgyz and English languages is an asset.
  • Proven experience in writing stories, interviews, in particular success stories of the development projects.
  • Experience of serving development media and storytelling needs of international organizations in Kyrgyzstan is an asset.
  • Working with GEWE related assignments is an asset.  

Scope of work

Objective: Reflection of the reality that is lived by 3 women from Self Help Groups (SHG) and 1 man of the project. The primary aim is to create portraits of the beneficiaries (profiles) that reflect how the project empowered the local women to take part in the process of community development, decision-making and peace-building initiatives. It is important to describe the experience undergone by women beneficiaries by using a good narrative. It is important to show in the stories/profiles how the project changed/improved the strength and vision of local women and their capacity to lead, solve problems and network with partners for finding sustainable solutions for their families and communities. The stories should showcase the journey the beneficiaries went through during the project based on their documented journals and other relevant materials.

The focus of the storylines of the profiles are to be agreed with the RUNOs team prior to the assignment.  As a part of the assignment, writer together with the photographer is expected to travel to the project areas.

Key Priorities:

  • To describe positive changes that are result of the project engagement and activities.
  • To reflect women’s empowerment, strength, vision, capacity to lead, solve problems and network with partners for finding sustainable solutions for their families and communities.
  • To focus on the understanding the individual stories showcasing their individual learning journey that provides insights on the situation and the woman’s strength. 
  • Ensure women profiles/stories are written upon thorough interview and discussion with “story heroes”
  • Ensure that the profiles/stories have to clearly answer the following questions: Who, What, Where, When, How, and be as thorough as possible with quotes as much as possible for key subjects.
  • Ensure explicit written consent from anybody that are profiled in photography or in stories accompanying the portrait photos.


  • Total of 4 written stories of 3 women beneficiaries and 1 man (based on the portraits captured by the photograoher) developed through field interview and observations.
  • Each story is to be minimum 1 page, A4 format in Russian and (additionally in English, that is to be separately agreed with UN Women prior to the assignment)

Tasks, timeframe, payments


IV.  Duration of the assignment

The assignment under the contract will be 8 (4 days field work + 4 days for post production) from August, 11 to August 31, 2021. The deliverables, women profiles are to be approved by RUNOs. The first draft is to be submitted for review and writer is expected to address the comments and do necessary edits to the final version. Final work shall be submitted on August 31,2021.

V.    Duty Station and Methodology

The assignment will be carried out in Batken and Talas oblasts( TBC by UN Women team), Kyrgyz Republic and requires a visit to the work site. UN Women will cover travel costs, that are to be included un the financial proposal:  airfare/land transportation round trip to Batken, local transportation, DSA. 80% of the travel costs are  to be paid in advance based on travel plan, 20% to be reimbursed upon submission of all supporting documents related to the trip.

Final payment will be made after all work has been completed and the deliverables provided.



Time frame



Field trip

4 days

August 25


Written portrait reportage

4 days

August 31


8 days

 Application and Selection Process 

Application procedure

Applications should be sent by 23:59 on 7 August 2021 to hr.kyrgyzstan@unwomen.org and include the following documentation package:

  • Financial proposal, indicating a total lump sum to include all costs relating to the delivery of activities as per above description.
  • P-11 form including experience in similar assignments. This form can be downloaded at http://www.unwomen.org/about-us/employment. /

Evaluation Procedure:

The candidates will be evaluated in three stages: according to minimum qualification criteria; technical and financial evaluation.

The candidates must possess following minimum qualification criteria to be eligible for further technical evaluation:

·         Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Russian language and literature (or Kyrgyz), philosophy, social sciences, communications or over 10 years of relevant experience.

·         Fluency in Russian language. Knowledge of Kyrgyz and English languages is an asset. 

·         Proven experience in journalism and / or writing

·         Experience in working in a development field is highly desirable.

·         Experience in working with international organization is desirable.

·         Good understanding of and experience of working GEWE

·         Good understanding of the Kyrgyzstan development context particularly the migration  and Batken region.

Technical evaluation criteria (including minimum qualifications):



Maximum points


Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Russian language and literature (or Kyrgyz), philosophy, social sciences, communications or over 10 years of relevant experience



Fluency in Russian language. Knowledge of  Kyrgyz and English languages is an asset. 



Proven experience in journalism and /or writing



Proven experience of serving development  media and storytelling needs of international organizations in Kyrgyzstan.  


Maximum total technical scoring:


Only candidates who have passed over the minimum qualification criteria and have accumulated at least 65 points out of maximum 70 under technical evaluation will qualify for the next stage i.e. evaluation of their financial proposals.

Evaluation of financial proposal

Financial proposal should include daily rate and field trip cost.

Financial evaluation will be conducted according to the method described below:

The maximum number of points assigned to the financial proposal is allocated to the lowest price proposal. All other price proposals receive points in inverse proportion.

A suggested formula is as follows: p=30 (μ/z)


p - points for the financial proposal being evaluated;

μ - price of the lowest priced proposal;

z - price of the proposal being evaluated

The candidate achieving the highest cumulative score for both Technical and Financial evaluations will be recommended by the Evaluation Committee for contracting.

Winning candidate

The winning candidate will be the candidate, who has accumulated the highest aggregated score (technical scoring + financial scoring).

Submission package:

Dully filled Personal History Form P 11;

Financial proposal

Short sample of previous work

*The applicants are required to submit an aggregated financial offer (“aggregated financial offer” is the total sum of all financial claims of the candidate for accomplishment of all tasks spelled out in this ToR).

Management arrangements:

The contractor will work under direct supervision of UN Women Programme Analyst and guidance of UN Women Head of Osh sub-office.

Financial arrangements:

Payment will be disbursed upon submission and approval of deliverables by UN Women Programme Analyst that the services have been satisfactorily performed. Payment will be made in KGS in one instalment after accepting and approving deliverables as per the ToR and a timesheet.