Asel’s story: Survivor of trafficking

'Dignity and Rights" Project


Asel (name changed) - 31-year-old girl and mother of three children. To feed a family, she needs a business loan. Asel's husband began to drink.

He accepted the offer to go to Turkey from a recruiter whom she knew. The mother agreed to look after her children, despite her unstable health. The recruiter covered her travel expenses and visa costs. Start working in a small cafe in Turkey. The first month of her work was difficult, she worked 17-18 hours, seven days a week. She was told that the first month was an internship, so she would not have to pay.

To be at home with your family

- I am grateful for the sewing machine

After four months of unpaid work, Asel was kicked out of work. Asel, she did not reach her goal, and she fell ill. Everything returned home with the support of his relatives. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Dignity and Rights, in collaboration with an international service organization. She asked for a sewing machine and got support.

Today, Asel lives with her children and mother in Talas. She can receive daily expenses and allows her to send her three children to school.

The “Dignity and Rights” project helps victims of trafficking to reintegrate into their community, often with small grants to create a business and obtain means of subsistence, which allows them to stay in Kyrgyzstan and no longer emigrate without risking all the risks for themselves.

In the framework of the USAID Dignity and Rights project, 2,245 victims of human trafficking received assistance, one of them is Asel - Akhmetova Zhyldyz, IOM, senior assistant of the program