Conduct a call for business projects for returned migrant workers to provide them with 1+1 matching grants and provide technical support for grant recipients to implement their projects

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The International Organization for Migration (IOM) / UN Migration Agency is an intergovernmental organization founded in 1951 and is committed to the principle that humane and regulated migration benefits migrants and society. 

IOM will assist the Centre for Employment Abroad under the Ministry of Labour, Social Security, and Migration to conduct a call for business projects for returned migrant workers to provide them with 1+1 matching grants and provide support to grant recipients in implementing the business projects. In total, 8 business grants will be allocated for selected business ideas, developed by the returned migrants on the basis of 1+1, when migrants have to provide financial contributions from their side as well to launch the business project. 


The objective of the assignment is to conduct a call for business projects for returned migrant workers to provide them with 1+1 matching grants and provide support for grant recipients to implement their projects.   

The call will invite returned migrants who are interested in receiving grants to launch business projects based on the 1+1 principle.  

 The assignment should be conducted in close partnership with the Center for Employment Abroad (CEA) under the Ministry of Labour, Social Security, and Migration and IOM. The Service provide is responsible for the whole cycle of the implementation of this assignment, including: launch of the call for grants, consulting potential applicants, organizing the selection process, and providing implementation (technical) support to selected grantees in launching their businesses.  

 This activity will contribute to the following project indicators:  

  • Project Output Indicator 3.4. # of matching grants provided to returnees (target: 8 grants) 
  • Project Outcome Indicator 1.4. % of returnees who state that their experience working abroad has allowed them to contribute financially and technically to income-generating activities at home (target is 40% of total target beneficiaries) 

Scope of Services

As a result of this assignment, in total 8 business projects must be selected and assisted with the implementation, including provision of the technical support in procurement, developing business and financial models, and counselling on other technical support in creating sustainable businesses. The assignment is expected to start in October 2022 and end in February-March 2023.  

 Within this assignment, the Service Provider is responsible for delivering following tasks:  

  • Disseminate information on the availability and application process of the matching grants among returned migrants who worked abroad  
  • The Service Provide must coordinate with the CEA on the procedural arrangements for engaging with the returned migrants  
  • Develop a template of  business project proposals to be used by the applicants   
  • Service Provide must have 2 business consultants on board to assist interested applicants with developing the business ideas and providing comprehensive consultation throughout the application process (conduct consultations, share expertise and advice in finance, budgeting, business sustainability, and etc.)  
  • Upon receiving the applications, the Service Provider must establish a selection panel, inviting the representatives of the CEA, local authorities (if any), and IOM project personnel 
  • Upon selection of the 8 business projects, the Service Provider will provide technical assistance in implementing the business projects, including procurement issues.  
  • Provide monthly progress reports on the implementation progress  
  • Organize coordination meetings, engaging project counterparts, including CEA, IOM, and others.  
  • Prepare the final report upon the completion of the tasks indicated under this ToR with all related Annexes.  

The duration of the assignment is 6 (six) months (from October 2022 to March 2023).  

The amount of the Proposal cannot exceed: 30,000 USD (27,400 GBP) 

The application package should include:  

  • A brief description of the organization and experience of media production in the social/ development field, including partnerships with government and non-government  
  • Legal identity documents of the organization (registration)  
  • Short description of current and past projects (organizational resume / portfolio).  
  • Narrative proposal for the assigned tasks outlining the organisation’s approach and methodology/plan to implement all the required tasks 
  • Draft workplan indicating the stages of implementing the assignment  
  • CVs of the relevant persons who will be responsible for the assigned tasks  
  • Financial proposal for assigned tasks  

 Training (when appropriate)  


Reports and Time Schedule 

The Service Provider should provide monthly reports in Russian or English to IOM. The Service Provider must provide monthly media report. The monthly media report should include contents of the campaign, number and disaggregation of the people reached (when possible), and feedback received within the month.  

Data, Local Services, Personnel and Facilities to be provided by IOM 

In selecting target beneficiaries, the service provider should consult and utilize data provided by the Centre for Employment Abroad. 

The Proposals indicating the subject “RFP grants management” must be delivered through e-mail to before 18:00 of 19 October 2022. No late proposal shall be accepted.