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Through the Department of International Cooperation and Partnerships, IOM supports and coordinates the Organization’s relations with its Member States, intergovernmental organizations, civil society and the media. It also provides guidance and support for relations with governmental, multilateral and private sector donors.

The Department leads and coordinates IOM’s forum activities, including the International Dialogue on Migration (IDM), IOM’s support for global and regional consultative processes and preparations for IOM’s annual governing body meetings. It is also responsible for the Organization’s communications and public information functions. One of the Department’s principal functions is to act as a first port of call and a “window” into IOM for external partners, answering inquiries, arranging briefings and generally providing information about the Organization and migration issues and trends in general.

The Department monitors national and international migration policy developments and promotes awareness and understanding of international migration law. It ensures broad and consistent development and dissemination of IOM’s institutional positions on key international migration policy issues and trends, in consultation with other organizational units. The Department is also responsible for keeping IOM staff informed on strategic planning and programme development, as well as coordinating, promoting and disseminating new research, in particular with respect to emerging issues. These functions include contributions to the international migration discourse, tracking international meetings, determining priorities and ensuring adequate representation.

IOM Kyrgyzstan Donors

IOM works closely with the donor community as well as migrants, governments and other partners in the international community to address today's many and complex migration challenges. To carry out these activities, IOM's main financial resources come directly from governments. In addition to Member donor governments, IOM also works with UN agencies, the private sector and foundations. Over the years, IOM has extended its donor base and developed a variety of approaches with partners to secure funding to implement activities. The main donors for the IOM's mission in Kyrgyzstan are:

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