Department of Operations and Emergencies


On a global level, IOM has become one of the world's largest humanitarian agencies, with large-scale relief operations under way in most humanitarian settings. This includes responding to forced migration and large-scale population movements, protaracted internal and cross-border displacement and refugee situations. IOM's pre-crisis preparedness, emergency response and post-crisis recovery activities focus on needs of individuals and unprooted communities, thereby contributing to their protection. 

IOM in Kyrgyzstan works in the field of community stabilization. IOM transitional and recovery programmes in the post-emergency phase bridge the gap between relief and development, empowering communities to assist in reconstruction and rehabilitation to prevent forced migration. Progrmmes utilize a variety of activities, including livelihood support for displaced populations and host communities, infrastructure development. and support for the integration or reintegration of returnees. 

The emergency and post-crisis activites include projects related to humanitarian principles, protection, prevention of abuse and exploitation, reparations, and prevention of violent extremism (PVE). IOM Kyrgyzstan works to ensure that migrants are not marginalized and that vulnerabilities of them are tackled. 


SDGs covered under DOE: