Through its Immigration and Border Management (IBM) programmes IOM contributes towards ensuring that States can manage movements through their borders and territories in line with international standards. IOM supports governments in facilitating safe and regular migration, addressing irregular migration, while ensuring the rights of migrants. This is done in cooperation with governments in the region, partner organizations, civil society and the private sector, through building capacities and strengthening laws, policies, institutional structures and operational systems. 

IOM Focus: 

  • Identity management and document security 
  • Advance Passenger Information (API) systems and Passenger Name Records (PNR) 
  • Integrated Border Management 
  • Humanitarian Border Management 
  • Counter migrants smuggling 
  • Border management information systems 
  • Gender mainstreaming in border management 
  • Data collection, management and risk analysis 
  • Visa policy and systems 
  • Search and rescue and technical support for coast guard 
  • Readmission 
  • Immigration detention and alternatives detention 
  • Technical support to customs 
  • Border security 
  • Border management and trade 
  • Anti-corruption

IOM Kyrgyzstan works towards supporting strengthening national identity management systems and worked to train border management officials in travel document inspection. Through its projects, IOM Kyrgyzstan supports the establishment of state-of-the-art information exchange systems, thus improving inter-agency cooperation on both sides of the border. This includes initiatives supporting the development of API systems, implementation of real-time data exchange between migration and border agencies, set up of Police and Customs Cooperation Centres and Common Contact Points, as well as pre-arrival exchange of information between customs authorities. 

SDGs covered under IBM: