Labour Mobility and Human Development Division


IOM works to maximize the positive impacts of migration for migrants, their families and the broader community in countries of origin and destination. This work includes facilitating labour mobility and enhancing government capacity to manage effectively labour mobility; strengthening links between migration and developement, (particularly through diaspora engagement in development initiaves); and supporting migrant integration and social cohesion in communities of destination. 

In what areas IOM Kyrgyzstan works within LHD: 

  • Enhance government capacity to effectively manage both outgoing and incoming labour migration
  • Work with employers and private recruitment agencies in establishing standards on ethical recruitment 
  • Provide information and orientation services to protect migrants 
  • Programmes to facilitate diaspora engagement 
  • Build government capacity to engage with diaspora 
  • Advise national and local governments to facilitate migrant reintegration and ensure social cohesion 


SDGs covered under LHD: