The International Organization for Migration (IOM) kindly requests that you submit a commercial quotation for the goods listed in Attachment 1 of this Request for Quotations (RFQ).

This RFQ includes the following documents:

Section 1: This Letter of Request.

Section 2: Request Instructions and Data Appendix 1: Schedule of Requirements Appendix 2: Request Form Appendix 3: Technical and Financial Proposal When preparing a Request for Quotation, please refer to the Request for Quotation (RFQ) Instructions and Data. Please note that quotations must be submitted using Attachment 2: Request for Quotation Form and Attachment 3:

Technical and Financial Proposal, by the method, date and time specified. It is your responsibility to ensure that your quotation is submitted on or before the due date. Proposals received after the deadline, for whatever reason, will not be considered for evaluation.

Download - Application Forms in Russian and English below.

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Vendor Information Sheet

UN Supplier Code of Conduct_English

Запрос ценовых котировок (RFQ)

Applications will be accepted until 6:00 p.m. on October 19, 2022. October 19, 2022 to the following email address: