Conduct online awareness raising campaign on the safe migration in the view of employment abroad

IOM RFP awareness raising campaign 


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) / UN Migration Agency is an intergovernmental organization founded in 1951 and is committed to the principle that humane and regulated migration benefits migrants and society.  

The objective of the project is to support safe and orderly migration from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan abroad through services for preparation, capacity building, and reintegration. Within this project, IOM will assist the Center for Employment Abroad under the Ministry of Labour, Social Security, and Migration to conduct an online awareness raising campaign to ensure that prospective migrants are well-informed of the risks of fraud within the employment process, misinformation, and human trafficking when seeking their employment abroad. The campaign will be specifically tailored to the target group and risks related to fraud, misinformation, or potential for abuse, associated with recruitment abroad.  


The objective of the assignment is to conduct an online awareness raising campaign to raise awareness on the conditions of recruitment and employment abroad agricultural sector, as well as on the risks of employment fraud, misinformation, and human trafficking for migrant workers from Kyrgyzstan interested in employment abroad.   

The campaign should aim to increase awareness of prospective migrants and the general public about the services offered by the Center for Employment Abroad and procedures for recruitment as well as more generally on support mechanisms for recruitment for job opportunities abroad. It should highlight common misinformation and disinformation that may lead to fraud, exploitation, abuse and trafficking, as well as the risks migrants face when they are not well-informed. A survey will be conducted at the end of the campaign to ensure that the awareness raising campaign contributes to at least 60% of those surveyed being aware of risks, services to protect and inform prospective migrants, and how to access them (Outcome indicator 1.2)   

The assignment should be conducted in close partnership with IOM, the Center for Employment Abroad (CEA) under the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Migration, and other counterparts.  

Scope of the Services   

The contract duration is from October 2022 to March 2023. The online awareness raising campaign should reach at least 5,000 prospective migrants in Kyrgyzstan during the period of October 2022 to March 2022/3.   

The campaign materials should be developed in coordination with IOM and CEA, and other resources to ensure the expertise for the preparation of migrant workers to employment modalities in the destination country. The contents of the social media cards of the campaign could include information such as how to identify and report on employment or recruitment fraud as well as services to protect individuals who have fallen victim to fraudulent recruitment practices. The campaign materials should be designed in a gender-sensitive manner. All materials and content to be posted have to be endorsed by CEA and IOM.

The Vendor is responsible for following tasks: 

  1. In cooperation with IOM, CEA, and other partners, develop a creative concept for the overall campaign, including specific media products to be developed and an outreach strategy to effectively reach the target group(s) of the campaign. 
  2. Develop the media plan and endorse it with CEA and IOM.
  3. Create social media cards (title, description, visual content, etc) based on the media-plan for regular uploads to the webpage and other social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, etc) in consultation with IOM, CEA, and other resources.
  4. Keep statistics on social networks and regularly report on the number of people reached by online information campaigns. It is advisable to disaggregate the statistics by age, gender and geographic location. 
  5. Submit monthly briefs detailing campaign reach and engagement (media-analytics: views, click-through rates, interactions, etc).  
  6. Produce a final report on the results and achievements of the campaign. The final media report should include recommendations on how to continue the campaign after the assignment.  

The duration of the assignment is 6 (six) months.   

 The application package should include:   

  • A brief description of the organization and experience of media production in the social/ development field, including partnerships with government and non-government.  
  • Legal identity documents of the organization (registration).  
  • Short description of current and past projects (organizational resume / portfolio).  
  • Links to at least three media products relevant to the social and development field designed and produced exclusively by the company.  
  • Narrative proposal for the assigned tasks outlining the organization’s approach and methodology to implement all the required tasks. 
  • CVs of the relevant persons who will be responsible for the assigned tasks.  
  • Financial proposal for assigned tasks.   

Training (when appropriate)  


Reports and Time Schedule 

The Service Provider should provide monthly reports in Russian or English to IOM. The Service Provider must provide monthly media report. The monthly media report should include contents of the campaign, number and disaggregation of the people reached (when possible), and feedback received within the month.  

Data, Local Services, Personnel and Facilities to be provided by IOM 

In selecting target beneficiaries, the service provider should consult and utilize data provided by the Centre for Employment Abroad. 

The Proposals indicating the subject “RFP awareness raising campaign” must be delivered through e-mail to before 18:00 of 14 October 2022. No late proposal shall be accepted.