The mission of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) / United Nations Migration Agency in the Kyrgyz Republic invites internal migrants living in the residential neighborhoods around Bishkek to participate in the community health and environmental projects competition within the IOM project “Enhancing Migrants’ Awareness on Air Pollution and Moving Towards a "Healthy City Vision" in Bishkek”, funded by the IOM Development Fund.

The project purpose is to contribute to the fight against air pollution and the adoption of the ‘Healthy City Vision’ approach in Bishkek through enhancing migrants’ and other stakeholders’ awareness of air pollution and its impacts on the health of migrants and local population living in Bishkek.

At the end of the selection of bids, up to seven mini grants will be allocated.

In the attached files - Project forms in KYR, RUS and ENG.

Project aplication kyrg.docx

Project application Russ.docx

Project application Engl.docx

Acceptance of applications with a note "Community health and environmental projects ‘2022 " for participation in the project will be made until 6 pm on 15 September 2022 via e-mail at: